Midlife Mastery Healthy Weight Program

An integrative, holistic approach to weight loss, weight management, wellness in midlife (and so much more!)

Mastering Midlife Weight Gain

Why This Course?

Because Midlife Weight Correction is Unique!

The Midlife Mastery Healthy Weight Program is for women 40+ who are struggling with midlife weight gain, lack of energy and declining self-image. Easy to follow steps on how to make lasting lifestyle behavior changes not only for healthy midlife weight correction, but for enjoying quality of life while aging  gracefully.

A Body-Mind-Spirit Approach

That works!

Aging, environmental factors, unhealthy habits, and lack of understanding about food and lifestyle choices all can lead to unhealthy midlife weight gain.

Learn how you can make lasting lifestyle changes and love yourself to a healthy weight and quality life!


Getting Started - Setting the Stage for Lasting Change!

  • Your Midlife Mastery Questionnaire - Start Here FREE PREVIEW
  • What Causes Middle Age Weight Gain? Its not what you think! FREE PREVIEW
  • How to use this course FREE PREVIEW
  • 8 Step Getting Started Guide FREE PREVIEW
  • Creating New Habits FREE PREVIEW
  • Finding Your "Why" Exercise FREE PREVIEW
  • Checking In FREE PREVIEW

Week Two - Personalizing Your Food Choices

  • Creating a Personalized Food Plan
  • Creating a Recipe File
  • Clean Eating Recipe's
  • Meal Planning Grid and a Sample Week
  • Optional - Intermittent Fasting

Week Three - Lifestyle Fitness

  • Creating a Personalized Fitness Plan - Strength
  • What is HIIT and Why Do I Need to Know About It?

Week Four - Tools for Lasting Change

  • How to use your "40 Day Manifestation Journal"
  • Creating a Morning and Evening Routine
  • Goal Planning
  • The 80/20 Rule Explained

Week Five - Motivational Tools for Success

  • Incorporating Your Values into Your New Lifestyle
  • Perspective Shifting - Focusing on Success
  • The Connection Between Sleep and Weight Gain
  • Creating a Personalized Fitness Plan - Cardio

Week Six - How Toxicity Blocks Weight Loss

  • Water, Wine and All Things Liquid
  • The Link Between Environmental Toxins and Weight Gain
  • What you need to know about sugar and insulin resistance
  • The Cell Damaging Effects of Certain Oils

Week Seven - Improving Your Food Choices

  • Chemicals in our Food/Reading Food Labels
  • Lifestyle Change Strategies for Dining Out
  • Handling Special Occasions with Grace
  • How to Eat Organic on a Budget

Week Eight - The Mind/Body Connection

  • Uncovering Hidden Beliefs About What is Possible
  • Stress and Emotional Eating
  • Dealing with Challenges and Creative Problem Solving
  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Creating a Personalized Fitness Plan - Stretching and Other

Bonus Week - Loving Yourself to a Healthy Weight

  • Extreme Self Care
  • The Art of Self Forgiveness
  • Setting Boundaries and Communicating With Others about Your New Lifestyle Changes
  • Maintaining Your New Healthy Lifestyle - You Make The Rules!
  • Completion Questionnaire

About Your Instructor

Debra Betterly, Ph.D.

Debra Betterly, Ph.D.

Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

Debra Betterly, PhD, has been a health and wellness enthusiast her whole life. It all started with organizing fitness challenges in her neighborhood and putting her dad on diets as a teenager. As an adult, she owned and operated a lifestyle weight management business called “Health and Diet” after graduating from college with her degree in Wellness Education.

She was recruited to serve as the wellness director at the local YMCA where she also started an eating disorder coalition and Girls on the Run program in her hometown of Red Wing, MN.

Following her dream to live in a warmer climate, she moved to Venice, FL in 2006 and continued as wellness director at the YMCA there for 3 more years where she started the Girls on the Run program for Sarasota County and the Try a Tri program where she trained first time triathletes.

To pursue her interest in integrative health, she started working at a large oncology practice where she initiated their integrative oncology program (and learned a lot about big pharma!). 

From there she started working at a physician-directed company dedicated to manufacturing the freshest, full-spectrum omega-3 fish oil available and is where she continues to work part time as their community liaison.

After getting her under graduate degree in Wellness Education, Debra went on to receive her Master’s degree in Community Counseling and her PhD in Metaphysics, thus rounding out her body-mind-spirit education! 

Her continuing education includes multiple coaching certifications (Most recently, an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach Certification through The Integrative Wellness Academy), level one EFT certification, stress management and weight management certifications.

Debra writes her monthly Amazing Journey Coaching Blog for Women (and a few men!) 40+, offers several coaching courses including the popular Midlife Mastery Healthy Weight Program and her signature Midlife Mastery Reset Free 60 Minute Coaching Session. She also does some private holistic health and personal development coaching.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time at the beach, reads everything she can get her hands on about body-mind-spirit health and wellness, is active with running, biking, swimming and yoga, and enjoys time with her husband Steve, family and friends.


What You'll Get...

Healthy Midlife Weight Correction

Permanent Lifestyle Changes without Deprivation

Step by Step Advice and Accountability

Increased Energy and Vitality

An Overall Increase in Self Confidence

Tools and Techniques to use Forever


Thank you Deb for letting me be a part of this course and giving me hope again to be the person I know I can be!
Megan M., Rochester, MN
If you would like a great "life" coach, Debra Betterly is amazing! From diet, to energy, to stress relief, to natural healing, to spirituality, and so much more, Debra has helped me through this amazing journey of health and healing.
M. Alexander., Sarasota, FL
The practical exercises Dr. Deb provided me are things I STILL do-these practices are now part of my life and I have come to rely on them for guidance. The insight I now receive from myself because of my work with Dr. Deb is well beyond what I imagined possible. . Thanks Dr. Deb for coaching me into my own greatness! I am so incredibly grateful...
Laura M., New York, NY


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